Extended Offers end of the year 2021 until 31/01/2022 Discount up to 50% for skin cosmetics and laser


Dr.Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic's in Khober

Terms and Conditions

  • Service prices do not include Tax.
  • laser services, the first visit requires a doctor's consultation for the first time.
  • Treatment services require a doctor's consultation with a specialist/consultant.
  • The price of a skin consultation laser specialist is 50 riyals.
  • The price of a skin consultation for a specialist is 150 riyals.
  • The price of the consultant skin consultant is 250 riyals.
  • The amount paid will not be refunded after 7 days from the date of payment. If requested, please click here to view the refund policy for Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic in Khobar.
  • the customer can pay for multiple sessions, but they must all be used within 12 months from the billing date.
  • When providing the clinics of Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic with the information with the customer’s data, as name, number and email by sending a reservation request on the website, the clinics of the Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic are allowed to use this information in the future to send their offers and campaigns.
  • The customer who is billed in his name and medical file number has the right to benefit from the service, or he can transfer it to another person, but it is required that they be present together at the time for transfer it.
  • It is possible to use the bill of the special offers for the packages for a maximum of two persons over two files.
  • It is not possible to make any additional discount on offers through the clinic, but if available, it can be made from the online store.
  • Insurance is not included in offers.
  • if that there is any point other than what was mentioned above for the terms and conditions of the offers, the general terms and conditions for the services provided at the clinics of Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic will be taken.
  • The electronic payment is in the Saudi currency, and the buyer bears the value of the conversion from another currency to it.
  • In the event that the customer pays electronically through the website, for a service that is not suitable for his case, the amount is transferred to the service to be performed after the doctor’s diagnosis, but if he needs other treatments, it is also calculated for the customer and paid in cash at Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic.
  • Electronic payment appointments are booked after 24 hours of confirming the customer’s request, at a minimum, and the customer must contact us by the official numbers, through WhatsApp or the official reservation program for the clinics of Dr Layla Al-Onaizi Polyclinic. and you will be contacted by customer service within 24 hours to confirm or reschedule appointment availability
  • With regard to the electronic payment of plastic surgeries, the payment will be only 5000 riyals as an advance payment and the rest of the amount will be paid at the clinic
  • The promo code is applied after selecting the payment method via Mada or visa card and does not apply to the payment method at the clinic
  • The customer is not entitled to request the additional discount if he does not enter the promotional code while completing the payment process
  • Regarding customer appointments for clinics:

 The client must attend at least 15 minutes before his appointment, and if he is late for his appointment, will wait for 2 patients to enter or according to the doctor’s coordination to enter the clinic in order to avoid cancelling the appointment.

Also, in the event that there is a client who is late for his appointment and there is no time to perform his service, he must take another appointment.

This is to preserve your right and the right of other customers to perform the service on time